Early Equity PLC is a UK investment company listed on the Aquis Stock Exchange, symbol: EEQP

12 years of experience.

Global Perspective,
Local Execution

From our roots in the UK, Early Equity has grown to include offices in Hong Kong and Malaysia. Through our directors and worldwide partners, we now have access to insights, expertise, and on-the-ground assistance in key regions such as Europe, China, and South-East Asia.

Early Equity provides equity and debt capital, along with strategic and operational counsel, to businesses that have the potential for both superior investment returns and meaningful community impact. If you believe that you have a company which could fit our requirements and are looking for a way forward then please talk to us. We are more than happy to discuss your options with you.

Start with a small service
Early Equity has years of experience investing and working with early-stage companies, helping them raise funds and grow their businesses. Our aim is to make investments in early stage companies designed to unlock potential, to create and realize sustainable value in order to maximize the benefits for shareholders and other stakeholders.

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