Gregory Collier

Greg Collier has 34 years of financial and business experience and has been involved in leisure, restaurant, property and property maintenance. In 1980, Greg set up a building repair and service company “Office Kleen & General Maintenance”, which was acquired by Initial Services (part of the Rentokil Group).

In 1986, Greg set up the UK’s first Paintball Leisure Center, followed by a number of entertainment and fitness business partners, including a Mayfair club (Royal Club), a restaurant in London and a fitness center.

Recently he has been involved in facilities management business and a number of small companies listed companies. Greg in the business world, especially in London, is a good networking, the benefits of public listing in the UK, has gone through a lot of AIM and ISDX investment company’s board of directors.

Greg is currently the London Stock Exchange AIM market and early equity PLC and Etaireia Investments PLC listed on the board of Eastbridge Investments PLC, the company is ISDX quotation company.