Many private equity investors say they “value-add”, but few have the resources, expertise, and approach to be a strategic partner to management. Early Equity does.

Our approach is unique in the private equity industry. It is the framework through which we offer the benefits of both a strategic and financial partner to the companies in which we invest. It is how we can provide resources and expertise to supplement your existing team, if and when you ask. In short, it puts into practice our philosophy of being a true, value-added partner to management in order to help companies achieve their Full Potential.

It begins with management.

The cornerstone of our investment approach is to invest in partnership with exceptional management teams that have great ambitions for their businesses. We seek to deeply understand, support, and complement those ambitions.

We are engaged.

We believe your business deserves more from a private equity investor than an occasional phone call or semi-annual Board visit. Our professionals limit their focus to a few companies so we can understand your business deeply and respond when you need us. For CEOs that may feel “lonely at the top”, we can provide you the value of an involved partner.

We provide complementary experience.

We have deep knowledge in the industries in which we invest, enabling us to understand a management team’s vision for its company. We additionally bring decades of experience in supporting companies through rapid growth and accessing the necessary capital to capture that growth.

We provide a wealth of resources and expertise.

We can provide companies with resources and expertise to which they might not normally have access. Whether it is in debt financing, market strategy, accounting, executive search, add-on acquisitions, operations, or any other business area, we have the experts to assist your team when you want us.

We are not in the way.

We understand the fine line between being supportive and being in the way. We offer resources and expertise to our portfolio companies on a supplemental basis if and when they request it, not in a prescribed or heavy-handed way. We are not operating executives who will second-guess your management decisions.

We believe that the only way to truly appreciate our Full Potential approach is by hearing from management teams that have worked with us as partners. We invite you to learn more through several Testimonials.