Our Focus

With its Asia-centric focus, Early Equity PLC will actively seek to acquire and consolidate holdings in companies operating in high-growth Asian economies, with the intention to create and sustain long-term value. The Company may invest in any business sector within its targeted geographic focus.

The Directors see Asia-Pacific as having considerable growth potential for the foreseeable future and many of the prospects they have identified are in this region.

Our Strategy

We request an executive summary and/or business plan and complete resumes of management from all entrepreneurs. We meet with the entrepreneurs, attempting to identify key traits that have been associated with entrepreneurial success in the past, such as high energy, a must-win attitude, unusual creativity, high personal integrity, relevant experience, strong work ethic, and an ability to prioritize and focus. Early Equity’s judgment of an opportunity is based on our experience and our understanding of the entrepreneurs. The Directors will focus on early stage investments and the opportunities would generally have some or all of the following characteristics, namely:

  • A team who is extremely motivated to make a success of the company. They must be well qualified to take on the challenge and work together as a team.
  • A product or service which possesses some differentiating feature that can lead to the creation of a profitable company. We have a distinct bias towards business models with high gross margins.
  • A company which can defend its position in its market once established.
  • a trading history which reflects past profitability or potential for significant capital growth going forward; and where all or part of the consideration could be satisfied by the issuance of new Ordinary Shares or other securities in the Company. The Company does not currently intend to fund any investments with debt or other borrowings but may do so if appropriate.
  • It is anticipated that the main driver of success for the Company will be its focus, during the investment screening process, on the management involved in the potential investee companies and the potential value creation that the team of people is capable of realising. The Company will identify and assess potential investment targets and where it believes further investigation is required, intends to appoint appropriately qualified advisers to assist in the due diligence process.
  • Investments may be made in all types of assets falling within the remit of the Investing Policy and there will be no sector-driven investment restrictions. Investments may be made in either quoted or unquoted companies and structured as a direct acquisition, joint venture or as a direct interest in a project.

Our Objectives

Early Equity’s objective is to be an active participant and to add value to its investments whenever possible. As appropriate, we will provide advice on issues such as strategy, organization and recruiting, and raising capital.