As at 1 December 2015, Early Equity Plc has acquired 128,571 units of fully paid up share capital of Yicom Global Sdn. Bhd. (“Yicom”), which represents 32.14% of its issued capital. The Investment has been financed by the issue of 100,000,000 new shares of Early Equity, which represents 15.83%of its issued share capital. As at 8 November 2017, Early Equity Plc is also pleased to announce that it has acquired a further 60,000 units of fully paid up share capital of Yicom Global Sdn. Bhd. (“Yicom”). Early Equity Plc total interest in Yicom is now 188,571 shares representing 47.14% of its issued capital.

Yicom is the sole importer and patent holder of a series of healthcare products from various countries and in particular China. Yicom has a Sole Distributorship Agreement with Early Infinity Holdings Sdn. Bhd. a direct sales company holding licences to operate a multi-level marketing business in Malaysia.

Early Infinity Holding Sdn Bhd currently have 700 Agents selling their products in Asia and the Directors of Yicom believe there is scope to increase this number to 10,000 over the next three years as they expand their business in Malaysian market and expand into China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand.

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