24 May 2017 
                               EARLY EQUITY PLC 
                       ("Early Equity" or the "Company") 
                               Director Dealings 
The Board of Early Equity Plc announces that Chua Siew Lian (Executive 
Director) has transferred 39,925,320 Ordinary Shares to Diew Siew Huat for nil 
Diew Siew Huat is a director of Yicom Global Sdn Bhd ('Yicom'), a Company that 
Early Equity PLC has a 32.14% stake in. As a result of this transaction, Diew 
Siew Huat will hold a total of 41,127,139 Ordinary shares, representing 6.51% 
of the Company's issued Ordinary Share Capital. 
Chua Siew Lian retains a beneficial interest in 5,000,000 Ordinary Shares, 
representing approximately 0.79 per cent of the Company's issued Ordinary Share 
The directors of the Company accept responsibility for the announcement. 
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