8 November 2017 
                               Early Equity PLC 
                       ("Early Equity" or "the Company") 
      Equity Subscription and further investment in Yicom Global Sdn Bhd 
Early Equity is pleased to announce that the Company has raised GBP590,000 by 
way of a subscription for 98,333,334 new ordinary shares of 0.1p at a price of 
0.6p per share (the "Subscription"). The new funds raised will be used as 
working capital. 
Early Equity is also pleased to announce that it has acquired a further 60,000 
units of fully paid up share capital of Yicom Global Sdn. Bhd. ("Yicom"). Our 
total interest in Yicom is now 188,571 shares representing 47.14% of its issued 
capital. The issue of 30,000,000 new shares of Early Equity has financed the 
Yicom is the sole importer and patent holder of a series of healthcare products 
from various countries and in particular China. Yicom has a Sole 
Distributorship Agreement with Early Infinity Holdings Sdn. Bhd. a direct sales 
company holding licences to operate a multi-level marketing business in 
Yicom started trading in February of 2015 and on 1 December 2015, Early Equity 
announced it had acquired a 32.14% stake in the company. In August 2016, Yicom 
released its maiden audited accounts and reported a net profit of Ringgit 
Malaysia (RM) 850,149 (approximately GBP160,709) on a turnover of RM 4,061,634 
(approximately GBP767,795). The Directors of Yicom also declared that 50% of 
the profits were to be distributed to the shareholders as a dividend and Early 
Equity received RM 136,619 (approximately GBP25,826). Exchange rate was based 
on RM 5.29:GBP1 at that time. The 2017 Yicom accounts (up to 31/01/17) have 
been released and on a turnover of RM3,749,407 (GBP678,000), the company 
reported a net profit  of RM904,645 (GBP163,589) The Directors of Yicom have 
declared that 50% of the profits are to be distributed to the shareholders as a 
dividend and Early Equity will receive RM 108,800 (approximately GBP19,675). 
Exchange rate is based on GBP 1 : RM 5.53. Yicom management accounts currently 
project a net profit of around RM2.7M (approximately GBP488,000 at today's 
exchange rate of GBP1 : RM5.53) for the seven months period from February 2017. 
Turnover for the last seven months (Feb-Aug) has increased significantly to RM 
7,762,180 (approximately GBP1.4M) and on a linear basis forecasts a turnover 
for the financial year (ending January 2018) to be around RM 13M (GBP2.35M). 
The Company has also granted Alexander David Securities warrants to subscribe a 
number of shares at the issue price with an amount equal to 5 per cent of the 
value of the placing shares of GBP20,000. 
Following the issue of the shares above, Early Equity has a total of 
775,220,335 ordinary shares of 0.1p in issue carrying voting rights. As a 
result the Company is aware of the following interests in the share capital of 
the Company: 
Shareholders may use the above figure as the denominator for the calculations 
by which they will determine if they are required to notify their interest in, 
or a change to their interest in, Early Equity under the FCA's Disclosure and 
Transparency Rules. 
The 128,333,334 new ordinary shares will be admitted to trading on NEX Exchange 
Growth Market today, 8 November 2017. 
The following parties have an interest of more than 3% in the shares of the 
Shareholder Name                        Number of Ordinary       Percentage Holding 
Yicom Infinity Sdn Bhd                               193,250,000             24.93% 
Dieh Siew Huat                                        48,627,139              6.27% 
Chin Chin Sing                                        41,211,330              5.32% 
Vidacos Nominees Limited                              25,958,344              3.35% 
The directors of Early Equity Plc accept responsibility for this announcement. 
For further information please contact: 
Greg Collier 
Tel: +44 7830 182501 
Alexander David Securities Limited 
David Scott -Corporate Finance 
James Dewhurst - Institutional Sales 
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7448 9820 
49 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4N 4SA