EARLY EQUITY PLC Early Equity PLC is a UK investment company listed on the Aquis Stock Exchange
symbol : EEQP Headquartered in London, Early Equity PLC (EEQP) is a premier investment company listed on the Aquis Stock Exchange growth market in London that focuses on investing into major developing trends in the world, especially Asia.
Global Perspective Local Execution From our roots in the UK, Early Equity has grown to include offices in Hong Kong and Malaysia. Our Aim is to make investments in early stage companies designed to unlock potential, to create and realize sustainble value in order to maximize the benefits for shareholders and other stakeholders. Strategy Investment Early Equity PLC will actively seek to acquire and consolidate holdings in companies operating in high-growth Asian economies, with the intention to create and sustain long-term value. Experience Our senior team has extensive experience in general management, complete resumes of management from all entrepreneurs. The Board The Board is responsible for creating value for shareholders, determining strategy, investment and acquisition policy, approving significant items of expenditure and consideration of significant financing and legal matters. Objective Early Equity's objective is to be an active participant and to add value to its investments whenever possible. As appropriate, we will provide advice on issues such as strategy, organization and recruiting, and raising capital. Vision We aim to consistently beat the market and deliver outstanding returns to all shareholders, to become one of the best private equity firm in Asia.

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Early equity PLC is a UK operating company listed on the Aquis Stock Exchange in London, symbol: EEQP

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We invest in stocks and bonds to build wealth through long-term capital appreciation.

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